August 17, 2012

Bro. Heith's two cents...or should I say Euro cents?

Well, I just fished cleaning all the yellow paint from my fingernails and finally had some time to sit down and write. First and foremost I would like to say how pleased I am with the teenagers from Cornerstone. In the last ten days paving stones have been set, meals were prepared, scaffold was built, walls were painted, sand was swept, meals were prepared, more paving stones were set, more walls were painted, more meals get the idea. They also passed out flyers with scripture and an invitation to church in seven villages, I think we passed out over 2,000. I watched as they ministered to people they had never met, they sang from the heart, they put others first, and did it all because they wanted to! If the Lord tarries, I can only imagine what he could do with this group of young people. I remember my first missions trip, I had no idea what the Lord had in mind, I had no idea how God would use that trip to change my life, I had no clue what the future had in store. It wasn't over night, it took some time. Only looking back can I see he had a plan and a purpose for me, and that missions trip was only a small step toward the will of God for my life. I hope that is what this trip will be to nine young men and women. I hope it will be a part of their path they will look back on and see the hand of God. Thank you Cornerstone for making it all possible.

Bro. Heith
II Chron. 15:7

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  1. Thanks, Bro. Heith for helping making this trip such a good one for the teens. We have heard story after story of what a great 'counsellor/big brother' you were. All of their wonderful Germany memories will include you. Thanks for taking care of them (or maybe, they took care of YOU?)