November 4, 2012

Seven Smiles on Sunday (11.04.12)

1. Voting!

This was my first time to vote! We went on the last day of early voting, and I was just a tiny bit nervous. (I need reading glasses and I had a hard time reading it.)

When I stuck my "I Voted!" sticker on, I didn't even think about it, I just peeled it off and slapped it on. When Amie came out she laughed so hard at me she had to take this picture:

Yay! I'm so grown up! ;)

2. Design.

I honestly didn't know I enjoyed it so much. I'm not very good yet, but I have a lot of fun making posters and different things with word art. Here are a few I've made recently:

    Which one is your favorite?

3. Asparagus.

Yum, yum, yummers!  I had this for the first time when we visited Stephen and Tara, and it's moved to my top 5 favorite vegetables list (along with broccoli, green beans, corn, and squash).

SO good! Do you want this recipe? I can give it to you! Maybe post it on here? :)

4. Babysitting my nephews.

Especially this time of the year, when it's chilly outside and we have to put on coats and hats to ride the "Club Car" around and come inside to warm up. Jace can drive nearly as well as the rest of us, but Jackson not so much. Tanner's content to sit in my lap and enjoy the ride.)

(I wanted to include these pictures, even though they're from last week. It was Sunday afternoon and they came over after church for lunch. Both older boys started feeling bad and thought they were going to be sick. They laid on the couch with their buckets, both running fevers, and Jackson fell asleep. It made my heart melt looking at them so I just had to take pictures! Thankfully it was only a 12-hour virus. :))

5. The smell of wood smoke, the crunch of leaves, and hot drinks.

I just love every season, and fall feels so festive!

6.  Mickey D's sweet tea.

I got a large one yesterday! (Don't judge - southern all the way.) I found it humorous that inside the Carthage McDonald's there are two sweet tea dispensers, but not one for unsweetened tea. Maybe it was just a one day thing, but it made me smile.

7. Shenanigans in the teen room (before class began, of course!)

I am part of the best youth group in America the world. Just so you know. :)

Poor Malachi... :)

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