November 17, 2012

Seven Smiles on Saturday (11.17.12)

1. Our trip to Kentucky.

I was going to blog or at least share some pictures while we were up there, but I never had wifi, and turns out I didn't take many pictures. It was a great trip, though - a missions conference at Bluegrass Pike! If you go to their "Pictures" page, you can see some photos of the meeting. :)

2. Iced chai tea.

Who knew I would like it?

3. Thanksgiving plans.

By now, we don't really have to make very many, we just know what we're going to be doing. Next Thursday and Friday are going to busy, busy, and I'm so excited for it! (Do you go Black Friday shopping? I don't, I'm too scared.)

4. Making our Christmas card.

The last couple of years it's been difficult to get a good picture because Stephen and Tara live in Texas now. Plus it's my job to write the letter/poem - pressure! But I love it. :)

5. Little girls.

Most of them like to have their hair fixed and wear pink. Someday, someone in my immediate family will have one of these.

6. Christmas music.

I caved. I listened to some last night. But that's it until Thanksgiving day!

7. Pictures that make me smile.

Like this one:

 Going shopping in KY...crammed in the back of the bus! (Not as scary as it sounds.)

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