November 3, 2012

If You Only Had an Hour

What if you found out you only had one more hour to live? The Lord is returning, and you have one hour's notice. How are you going to spend your hour?

60 Minutes.

You have sixty minutes.  What is the first thing you do? Do you freeze for say, a split second, as everything you’ve done, everything you’ve not done, replays itself in your mind? For one, ear-deafening silent second, do you panic a little on the inside? All of a sudden, you aren’t as ready as you thought you were. Just one minute to panic, one minute to think, one minute to do nothing. Nothing, for the last time.

Now what? You find your family. Maybe your closest friends. You call the ones you know aren’t going with you to plead, beg with them one more time. “This is it,” you say. “This is your last chance, and I mean it. You cannot fathom what lies in store for you in just one hour. Please come with us!”

Maybe you start leaving notes around your home, perhaps even recording a few videos. Labeling them “What To Do Now”.

45 Minutes.

You have forty-five minutes. Are you running around in a frenzied state, or are you sitting still in a daze? Have you made all the phone calls? Are you still talking to that stubborn family member? Have you shed your last tears? Are you at home? Church? Outside watching for the signs?

As the echoes of your life reverberate in your mind, what are they saying? Do you have a lot of regrets? Who is that one friend you should have held on to tighter? That one person you never told about Jesus? That one thing you know the world is about to see? Or are you thankful for the times you were able to help someone? The one person you lead to Christ, the times you said “Yes” to your Lord?

30 Minutes.

The hour is halfway over. Maybe at this point you’re gathering your immediate family to your side. Maybe you’re hugging, laughing, most likely excited and definitely praying.

You may be thinking of all the things you never got to experience, the people you never got to meet, to love, and the places you never got to see.  In that secret corner of your heart that no one knows about, are you asking God to postpone? Are you going to be that afraid? Or are you telling Him thank you, one more time on earth, for all of the things you were able to see and love and do?

15 Minutes.

You head outside. You lie on the grass. You whisper to your family, you pray for everyone that won’t be traveling with you.

10 Minutes.

Someone says “Ten more minutes. Thank you, Jesus for this beautiful life you’ve given us. Thank you for the eternity that lies ahead. I love you all.”

5 Minutes.

All is quiet. All is still. History repeats itself of a world in turmoil, waiting for the Master’s return.

“But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.”


  1. Kelley, you are an amazing young lady! Thank you for sharing yourself with others! By the way, when is that novel going to be ready? ;)

    1. Thank you, Mrs. Rachelle! I get so nervous every time I post something I've written, but comments like this make it so much easier. :) I don't know about a novel, but hopefully someday I'll be published! :)