July 31, 2013

back to normal ♥ july recap

What. A. Summer.

I cannot believe August is here! My mind is blown and it's saying "Naw, it's not August!" But it is, and we're closer to 2014 than the beginning of 2013. Gracious.

On to the recap. :)

July 4 - Independence Day! Rain, rain, rain. For hours, it rained! But that was ok, because my mom can hold an umbrella and grill at the same time, and she can put the ice cream maker in the sink. She's amazing. :) We had no fireworks, but two nights later (in the slight drizzle, I'm telling you, it was a wet week!) we watched our neighbors hugely impressive fireworks show. While standing on our front porch, we could see our other neighbors beside/behind us standing on their porch watching, too. We're cool like that. :)

The best part of rainy days - reading!! :)

July 7-12 was Music School, and probably our best one yet. We had over 200 people every night, and Friday night there were 355 there. I've already posted a couple of videos, but here are some pictures.



July 20 we spent the evening at the campground with Jacob and his family, which only made me want to go for a weekend ourselves.


July 28 was my friend Faith's 22nd birthday. (Please check out her blog!) She's in Papua New Guinea until December, so her little sister made her a slideshow and it ended with a bunch of us holding signs that said "Happy Birthday, Faith!" and this song: Across the Miles

And other than that it's been a very uneventful month. The weather has really cooled off - a LOT, and the humidity level has dropped like crazy. It's been gorgeous!

Amie is leaving Sunday afternoon for a three week music school at the college she's enrolled in up in Indiana. She's going to be doing correspondence classes this fall, but she really wanted to attend this school, so she's going to be gone for three weeks. :(

I hope everyone had a fantastic July, and I'm excited to see what August holds for us!


  1. Will Amie be in Indy??? If so, maybe we could stop in to see her sometime. When is she going??

    1. Yes ma'am, she'll be in Indiana from August 5 - August 23, about an hour and fifteen minutes from y'all (she's already checked that out haha). It's the same school Bro. Andy went to years ago. Of course it's a lot different now, but she's looking forward to it! :) Her schedule is going to be pretty full, but I know she would love seeing y'all! :)

    2. We're going to Indy next week. Christian has earned a trip to the children's museum there as a potty training reward. I'll tell Andy that Amie is there. Maybe we can stop in for a min or so to say hi. Are your folks takin her up? If so, they are welcome to stop by the house if they like. Liberty is not far off the interstate. I know Amie will have a good time at the college. It really helped Andy. Of course, like you said, that's been awhile ago. :)

  2. Also tell Amie that if she has a day off she is VERY welcome to come visit. Just have her give us a call.

  3. If she doesn't have transportation but still would like to come stay with us on the weekends, we don't mind at all going to get her and takin her back. It would be a pleasure to have her. It's not that far. (Sorry for using your comment box for all this communication, but I don't have your emails.).

    1. I'll pass that along to Amie and my parents. :) We don't know who all will be driving her up (a friend of hers from Mississippi is flying into Nashville and they're going together). She might have her vehicle up there, we haven't decided that yet. I don't mind the comments at all, but I'll send you an email so you can have it. :)