October 6, 2012

Seven Smiles on Saturday (10.06.12)

People! It's October! Oh my goodness!

1. Cool mornings, cool nights, HOT days.

2. Leaves. Falling on my car. Me. Running over leaves.

3. Benadryl. (Let's face it. I live on the Cumberland. The weather is changing. Benadryl makes it all better.)

4. Chocolate Dreams. (It's a milkshake Stephen used to make when I was little. I recently discovered that I'm old enough to make them now and they are amazing. Ice cream. Chocolate. Marshmallow cream. Just imagine it. Mmmmm. Are you jealous, Steedee?)

5. The way fall smells. I just love fall. And it smells so nice!

6.My new header! Do you like it? I think it's fun to change it up for the seasons! :) (I've been told my blog design is bland and boring, but I like it that way because it's easy to read. I'll try to keep the header interesting though. ;))

7. Picnics at the park with....yes. Three little boys. :)

Jace Allen

Jackson Lee

Me and Tanner Blaine

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