October 22, 2012

What We Did on Saturday...

Daddy had to leave early to go to Houston to get ready for the Missions Conference. The rest of us went to Port A and acted goofy:

At Port A we went to a candy store and filled our bags with all kinds of yummy treats that I'm still munching on. They had tubs of candy with scoops in them, and you just got whatever you wanted. Best candy store ever?

For supper we went to a hibachi grill where I tried everything but the sushi.

(P.S. Alabama won...again. Roll Tide! :))

Yesterday we went to church and heard a missionary to Trinidad preach (by the way, Amie and I got told we need to go on another Missions Trip - to Trinidad!! I think yes?). That afternoon we watched a movie while Mama and Tara napped. Tara started a night shift again last night. :( She has two weeks of it, so pray for her!!

She went to work and we went to church. On the way home we stopped and she gave us a tour of the hospital where she works. I wish I had a picture of her - in her scrubs and long white coat, clipboard in hand, the doctor on the floor. I'm so proud of her!!

Today me, Mama, and Amie head to Houston to be part of the meeting. We'll all be SO glad when Tara's residency is over and they can move back to Tennessee and be closer to us.

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  1. Love your "TX posts" looks like you guys had a blast! Wow! Your mom can actually eat with the chop sticks? What talent! I sure can't! ;)