October 17, 2012

Texas Bound!

Tomorrow morning (at 5:45 am) we're headed to the Nashville airport to catch a flight to Corpus Cristi, TX! I am beyond excited - Stephen and Tara (my oldest brother and his wife) have visited us a couple of times since they moved for her residency, but we haven't been down there yet. The last time I was in Texas was for my other brother's wedding....5 years ago (I was 14!). I'm not a morning person, so I'm going to get myself all ready tonight (even if it takes til midnight) so I can sleep until the very last minute. (Not really, my family wouldn't be all that thrilled.)

I'll try to update with pictures, and hopefully still do Seven Smiles, but if not, you'll know why! We're going to be with them until Monday, and then we're headed to another location in Texas for a Missions Conference my dad's preaching. It's going to be a fun week! I hope I'll be able to share it! :)

The last time I was in the Lone Star State:

To be honest, none of us even look like that any more. We've all....grown. From left to right it's Stephen, me, Jacob, and Amie. Maybe I'll do an "old picture" post someday (Amie and I were spoiled rotten by two big brothers). But for now, see you in Texas! :)

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