October 13, 2012

Seven Smiles on Saturday (10.13.12)

This is late in the day, but I just got home. It's been a wonderful day, but it's been a long one so if this isn't up to par....my apologies.

1. Church-wide picnic. (Sunday)

This picnic and hayride is one we have done every year since I can remember. The entire church brings potluck and we have "dinner on the ground" and then there are two hayrides: one for the little kids and their parents, one for the teens. I just love fall!

2. New hair. (Monday)

Why is a new hairstyle so exciting (for girls)? I've always loved them, and here's my new 'do! (bangs!)

3. Shopping and lunch with friends. (Tuesday)

Hannah and I drove up (I drove, she directed) to Cookeville to do some shopping and eat lunch with Faith.  (I forgot to take a picture.) So much fun!

4. Tanner's first birthday. (Wednesday)

The baby is one year old. My mind is blown!

5. Amie's surprise party! (Thursday)

You've already seen the pictures, but this was a highlight because she is SO hard to surprise.

6. Making cupcakes. (Friday)

I always dread baking for some reason. In my mind, it just takes forever. But really, when you use a box of cake mix, there is absolutely nothing to it. I had so much fun making and frosting these cupcakes! Aren't they beautiful? ;)

7. Fall Festival! (Saturday)

Wow, what a day! Hours in an old fashioned outfit, playing old fashioned carnival games, and the time it takes to clean up afterwards. It was a lot of fun!!! Here are a few pictures:

corn on the cob eating contest

going out to eat after cleaning up

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  1. *gasp* Amie is wearing her Germany shirt, I thought we weren't supposed to wear those!!! jk :P