March 2, 2015

february 2015 recap

February was here and gone in the blink of an eye. It was fairly uneventful considering all the other months in the year, but having a bit of a break was really nice. Maybe next month there'll be more pictures, but there just wasn't as much to document this month!

valentine's day
I got to spend the evening with the four cutest sweethearts ever. We made lasagna together, crafted a heart banner that now hangs over my bed, and made chocolate covered popcorn with heart sprinkles. Sometimes being single on Valentine's Day isn't so bad...especially when you're an aunt!

The South finally got her snow! First there was much ice. Then it began to snow. We got maybe 4 inches, which I realize isn't that much - but it was a big deal around here! I was stuck at home for an entire week because I was too scared my dad didn't want me to drive on the ice covered roads. It lasted from Monday morning until Saturday afternoon. It was beautiful and cold and relaxing and cold and quiet and COLD.

My latest obsession. I started a 30 day calligraphy class and it's much harder than it looks! Two days in and my fingers are permanently stained and my right arm is sore from the elbow down. It's so much fun though, and I'm so excited to learn more!

updates and changes - just a little information on what I hope to do with the blog in 2015!
and ice world | picture post - I shared some of my favorite pictures from the day we got iced in. 
gritty detailssimple obedience in everyday life.
break the fast | recipe - eating breakfast can sometimes be a struggle, here's how I deal with that!

Have a lovely March, dear readers!

What were some your favorite moments from February?

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