February 20, 2015

break the fast | recipe

There are a few non spiritual things that I think are very important, and breakfast is one of them. Ask any of my friends, and they'll tell you. Especially ask the friends of mine who don't eat it - they've all heard me berating them for it!

I'm not going to explain it because I'm not an expert and that's not my job, but I do encourage you to do some research and I definitely encourage you to break the fast every morning!

I'll be the first to admit I am NOT, by any stretch of the biggest imagination, a morning person. I don't love mornings or anything that goes with them - breakfast included. I used to skip it all the time - my mom making me eat a piece of toast or a muffin when I was younger was torture. When I was a 95 pound 15 year old that was ok, but not so much the older I get!

A year or two ago when I read up on the importance of breakfast I made a genuine effort to eat it every single morning, and let me tell you - it was not easy at all. I really, really did not enjoy breakfast! A piece of fruit, a granola bar, a muffin, a small bowl of cereal - and only one of those things was all I could force down. 

I did finally realize that I just don't like bread first thing in the morning. I wake up with a dry mouth, brush my teeth, come down and bread just isn't appealing to me. We eat biscuits every Saturday morning, and I like them covered in gravy. I love pancakes if I have plenty of blueberry syrup. I will smother a muffin in butter. I wanted to find something I actually enjoy having those first few hours of my day. I did realize that drinking a lot of water first thing helps as well. That, and then just sipping on it while I'm getting ready makes breakfast much more tolerable.

Starting small and recognizing my picky breakfast tendencies, I have found a few things I really like. I love smoothies. In the summer, I could drink one every single morning. Still though, I'm picky about them. I don't like yogurt in them, they can't be too citrus-y, and I have to make them myself. I finally learned to like eggs. Until last year, even the smell of a scrambled egg made my nose wrinkle, but now I love them - just not with cheese or peppers or ham. I like oatmeal now, too - a certain flavor, a certain way, but I like it.

If you don't like breakfast - start small! Make it a habit to eat even the smallest thing every single morning. If you're picky - make it yourself, your way! My mom and sister absolutely love breakfast, and I'm convinced they love every breakfast food ever invented. They've made more varieties of muffins than I can count, and we've reached a point where they don't mind if I don't eat one and I only feel  a little bit guilty now when I don't.

This morning I woke up hungry and decided to try a couple of new recipes. I now have a new favorite breakfast, and I hope you'll try it out if you can!

This smoothie recipe is one I saw on Pinterest and just adapted to my tastes and what I knew I would like. It's supposed to help with energy, but I'm not sure if it actually did or not.

From the bottom of the glass up I have: frozen banana chunks, canned pineapple chunks, and frozen strawberries. The liquid is a little bit of orange juice and the rest is milk. I should have added a little bit of vanilla or maybe some honey because it was a little tart for me. My mom, on the other hand, would have added some vanilla yogurt and no milk just orange juice because she likes the citrus flavor and creamy texture. I like mine sweeter but with and icy texture. If you use fresh fruit, just add some ice to thicken it up, it's really your preference. If you want an exact recipe, here's the one I kind of sort of but actually didn't really use: Energy Boost Fruit Smoothie

This avocado and egg toast combination is really, really good. I love avocados, but they're so expensive around here. My mom found them on sale recently and got several so we've been eating them on everything. 

All you have to do for this one is toast a piece of bread, mash half of a ripe avocado, and scramble your egg. Assemble it, and then add salt and pepper to taste - because of the blandness of the toast, avocado, and egg, you could use a variety of spices. I was just trying it out this morning, but some garlic pepper, or creole, or anything else with a little spice would be amazing. If you use wheat bread, it's also pretty healthy!

I hope this post was helpful, and I hope you're eating breakfast faithfully! Please let me know if you're able to try these recipes, or how you adapt them - I'd love to hear about it!

Have a happy morning!


  1. Great breakfast ideas, Kelley! I've always been a breakfast person, but I know several people that aren't. I love smoothies too, and have one nearly every day! That is great that you are now faithfully eating breakfast! You are right...its so important!

    1. I wish I was more of one! If it weren't so important I'd just skip it everyday, but slowly but surely I'm converting myself to a breakfast lover! :)

  2. Hey, that avocado and egg on toast looks really good! I never thought of that combination. We have an avocado tree in our yard, and when it bears, I have them coming out of my ears. I'll have to remember this idea. I like smoothies, but I can't handle them everyday. I drink them for about a week until I start gagging on them. Then I go for a while until they taste really good again! I know I'm strange. :)

    1. That sounds amazing - I might just have to come over there during avocado season! ;) I could probably make myself sick on them!

      I'm the same way with a lot of foods...I'll eat something every day until I make myself sick or burn out on it, but I usually can't go back to it. :/ I've turned myself against more foods than I like to admit!

  3. Great Breakfast Ideas...I'll be sure to try them :)

  4. Mmmm, I'm gonna try the toast!! I am a total advocate of a healthy breakfast; love smoothies, too! :)