September 1, 2014

Week's End Review

Saturday, Faith and  I drove 3 hours to visit Hannah and her beautiful baby Amelia. Another of our friends, Kaitlyn, was already up there, and we went and got pedicures. We also went to a coffee shop and just hung out and visited. It was a really fun day!

Earlier this week I got our church's monthly newsletter ready to be mailed. It's not a fun event or anything, but it was part of my week! And now you can see what the cover of our September newsletter looks like, and how many of them I fold manually. ;)

Other things the week included are...

• Jace, Jackson, and Tanner came over and we swam twice. I got soggy water-logged brain.
• Lena loves to do pat-a-cake, and she's good at it, too!
• I finished "For Such a Time" by Kate Breslin. You know those books that, even thought they're fiction, kind of change your mindset about certain things? Yeah, this was one of those books. It made me go "hmmm".
• I went to a going-away party for one of my friends who is moving to Washington D.C. for an internship this semester. Pretty cool, huh?


tear out the back porch
dig footer
pour footer
lay block
build floor & walls
build roof & put shingles on
take out counters, island, & cabinets
take out wall separating the old from the new
build new pantry wall (not pictured)

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  1. Those are a lot of letters to fold and stuff! :D Looks like another eventful week.