September 16, 2014

Week's End Review

All I have to say is, better late than never, right?

1. On our way to a Missions Conference Monday night, we stopped and ate supper. I grabbed a cotton candy to go, and the first half was good. After awhile, it just feels like you're eating straight up sugar...which I guess you are!

2. It was prayer letter week, and since school's started back all of my normal helpers were busy. I felt a little buried in paper, labels, and envelopes!

3. August - March is what I call Birthday Season for our family. All 12 of our birthdays fall somewhere in these months, with the exception of none in November. I decided to go ahead and buy my gifts for the remaining 5 people who have birthdays before Christmas! I also bought myself a few things for my bathroom. Who doesn't love new towels?

4. Amie sent me this picture of a her and a group up there at Verity in the coffee shop.


tear out the back porch
dig footer
pour footer
lay block
build floor & walls
build roof & put shingles on
take out counters, island, & cabinets
take out wall separating the old from the new
build new pantry walls
electrical started
ceiling dry walled
walls insulated 
all of the drywall hung
outside concrete pad poured


  1. So what all is going on with Colby Craddock? I know he was in a four-wheeler accident, but how did it happen and how is he doing?

    1. Well, the four-wheeler died as Kolby was driving it up a hill. It started to roll back and it swerved, flinging him off, then it rolled back, into him! It broke his pelvis and tailbone (or fractured, I don't remember which). He's alright now, but the doctor says he can't try to walk right now. He should be better in a few weeks. We all miss him at church! :(

    2. His tailbone is fractured, and his pelvis is broken in three places. Except for a lot of pain and not being able to move around well, he's doing ok.