August 24, 2014

Week End Review | #3

As you know, we dealt with a great loss this past week. Yesterday was the funeral, and it was one of the best that I've ever been to. It was a scorcher all afternoon, so by the time we got home from the cemetery, we were hot, tired, and emotionally spent. Since it's been such a solemn, yet very busy week, I don't have very many pictures to share with you. I didn't take any at the memorial service yesterday, although I would have loved to because of how classy and patriotic it was. A beautiful way to say goodbye to a man who gave so much to his country, family, church, and missionaries. Please pray for the family and church family as we learn that life does go on, but there is a legacy to uphold.

Some of these pictures are simply snapchats I saved at the last minute, and pretty much all of them were taken on my iPad. I hope you enjoy them anyway! :)

When you're little, shouldn't you end at least a few summer days sun drenched and water logged? 

Am I the only one that thinks breakfast food is pretty? Regardless, I think it is, and I take pictures of mine. ;)

We are officially moved into our new kitchen, aka the laundry/sewing room, for the next few weeks!


tear out the back porch
dig footer
pour footer
lay block
build floor & walls
build roof & put shingles on
take out counters, island, & cabinets

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