September 23, 2014

Week's End Review

Wow, what a week! Jacob and Christine took a trip to Cancun, so we had all four kids for 5 days. We had a lot of fun - between morning time when Lena's super happy, to trips to the park and zoo, to Stephen and Tara's birthday celebration (which was at their now furnished house) to trips on Bro. Dale's motorcycle! :)

Tara's birthday was Sunday and Stephen's was Saturday, so we got together at their house on Tuesday. Jacob and Christine were flying out very early Wednesday morning, so we took the kids home with us and they stayed the night at Stephen and Tara's since they live much closer to the airport. All of the kids absolutely love their dog, Tucker!

Wednesday and Friday were park days, and on Thursday we loaded them all up and went to the Nashville zoo. It was a lot of fun for three boys, interesting for nosy little Lena, and tiring for all of us. We had a good day, though!

They were all so good, and it was fun having someone to take on bike rides at the park and share slushies with. :)


There were three extra helpers on the job site this week!

tear out the back porch
dig footer
pour footer
lay block
build floor & walls
build roof & put shingles on
take out counters, island, & cabinets
take out wall separating the old from the new
build new pantry walls
electrical started
ceiling dry walled
walls insulated 
all of the drywall hung
outside concrete pad poured
walls painted
old flooring removed
new flooring purchased

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