August 17, 2014

Week End Review | #2

Shopping day with Amie, and we met our brothers for lunch.

Bowling and Baskin Robbins with friends.
We laid on the concrete and "star gazed" when we got home from bowling.
We drove to Antioch Baptist Church's revival - this picture was taken close to 11pm on our way home :)
Friday night/Saturday morning
(it was 4:00am. it felt like night time to me.)
I watched Patrick & Iris get married (live!) in Germany!
My mom's birthday was Thursday, but we celebrated on Saturday.
Jacob's ribs were a HUGE hit!!

Jacob sent us pictures of the rib rub and smoking process every 30 minutes or so. By the time he arrived with them at 4:00, we were quite ready to dig in...we were not disappointed!!! 


tear out the back porch
dig footer
pour footer
lay block
build floor & walls 

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  1. I love it how your family has so much family time together, and I love to see all the pictures of you all.