April 30, 2013

sunshine and rain ♥ april recap

What a crazy month! The weather has taken it's toll on the health of the people who live on the Cumberland - us. It was cold and rainy on Saturday, and today (Tuesday) it's supposed to get up into the 80's - I hope so, and I hope that the warm weather will stay this time! My dad, mom, sister and I are traveling down to Alabama tomorrow for a missions conference at Ridge Road Baptist Church. I won't have any internet while we're down there so I decided to go ahead and post my recap today. Pray for us while we're there! Wednesday-Saturday is the conference, my dad will be preaching every night. Saturday morning is a Father/Daughter luncheon where Amie and I will be speaking and we're both SO nervous, so please try to remember us in your prayers! My mom will be speaking at the same time at a Mother/Son picnic. We're looking forward to it, but speaking makes us nervous!

Saturday after the services we will drive several hours to another location in Alabama for Decoration Day and spend the afternoon with my dad's side of the family. We'll head back to Tennessee Sunday afternoon and make it back for services at our church.

Now, on to the recap!

The first week of April is momentarily gone from my memory, the second week of April everyone in my family was hit with a 24 hour stomach virus. The kind where you start throwing up at 1:00am and by 11:00pm you wonder if you could eat a cracker or two. The kind that makes you think that even though you're only 20, maybe you should have made a will. Tanner had a mild case of it on Sunday, Jackson and I got it on Monday, Christine got it on Tuesday, Jace had it on Wednesday, my dad got it on Friday, Mama and Jacob had it on Sunday, and Amie felt bad on Sunday but never got the really bad sickness that the rest of us did. IT WAS BAD.

April 14  we were at a surprise 16 birthday party for Grace after church Sunday afternoon. Sunday night, my dad left after church to drive through the night to Oklahoma. He went home directly after services to pack and get ready, and since Drew was going with him, he came back by the church to pick him up. A few of us hung out until he got there, and Amie learned how to play some "bluegrass" on the guitar. As you can see from the video, it's "peaceful bluegrass" (I did not come up with that term).


April 15-16 my dad went to Oklahoma to preach a meeting. My grandparent's church was having their anniversary meeting these same two days, so Mama, Amie and I went to that. We drove up both nights, the first night taking some boys who wanted to go with us. My grandma had everyone over for supper, and we had a really great time! Please keep their church, Antioch Baptist, in your prayers - they've recently moved locations and are trying to grow.

Amie (and Sport), me, PawPaw, James, Grandma, Connor, JD, and Collin. My mom took the picture.
 April 26 Mama, Amie, Christine, the 3 boys and I went to the Strawberry Patch Festival (not actually sure if it's the Strawberry Patch Festival, or the Strawberry Barn Festival) which was SO MUCH FUN! Seriously like Pinterest in real life. They do it again in the Fall, and I'm definitely going back! The pictures are some we took in front of an old vintage bus, and then at the park after we left. For Jace, Jackson, and Tanner, having a picnic at the playground and then playing was the best part of the day. ;)


When I told him that was like what firemen use, he said "No, this is like Oah's nark!"

Other random happenings for which I cannot remember dates include Sonic trips after church,

Hannah sending me some wedding pictures,

spring cleaning my room with this little monster,

and buying flowers!
My car on the way home from work one day. I had to take a picture of how cheery it looked. My laptop backpack is so girly :)

Isn't spring delightful? I hope everyone had a wonderful April! Now, off to Alabama....

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