April 3, 2013

chilly and wet ♥ march recap

March ended a few days ago, but I'm just now getting the chance to do a recap! It's been cold and dreary with lots of rain - seriously Spring, hurry up! This was a busy month, but not very "eventful" - I've learned those are two quite different things!

March 1 was Christine's birthday (25), an March 6 was Jackson's birthday (3). Because of sickness and other circumstances, we were unable to celebrate with them on the actual days, so on March 7 we had a joint birthday party at our house! I don't have any pictures of that right now - Jackson got a new bicycle though and it was a huge hit!

March 3 - 6 was our annual March meeting. Bro. Lee Cadenhead from Ridge Road Baptist Church was our guest preacher, and he did an amazing job! Other than my dad, he's one of my favorite preachers and we had a really great meeting! Some of our family got to come up a few nights and Jace and I held Sophie - I still can't hardly believe there's a little girl!!

March 16 was the Irish Festival (you've already seen those pictures) and March 17 was St. Patrick's Day. I was the only one in our family wearing green - and I went all out, too! For some reason - I can't remember why - we kept the boys during the evening on March 16 - all I know is I have this picture from that date! :)

March 25-29 my parents were out of town at a meeting, and Christine and Tanner flew down to Texas for a meeting at her dad's church. Amie and I stayed with Jacob and took care of Jace and Jackson while he was at work during the day.

March 31 was Easter Sunday! And yes, we get a little more dressed up for it and wear Spring clothes - why not? :)

Me, Christine, and Amie

This picture makes me laugh so much! Tanner has recently learned how to say "CHEEEESE!" - can you tell? Jackson and Jace in the background really couldn't care less. :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful March, didn't get pranked to badly on April Fools Day, and has a beautiful rest of the month!

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