April 17, 2013

A Hurting Heart

I could sit here and brag about my patriotism, I could sit here and tell you I'm tender hearted, I could sit here and talk about how sad I am.

But the facts are simply I am an America citizen, I do have a heart, and that heart is hurting very much right now.

My heart is with the people involved in the tragedy in Boston. I have cried, I have remembered Newtown, I have remembered Columbine, I have remembered the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, I have remembered...and I have cried, and I have prayed, and I have done it over and over again.

As someone waiting on love, I cannot imagine finally finding it, about to finally, finally say "I Do" and having that person ripped from my life. I cannot imagine having my little sibling or young child suddenly gone. I cannot imagine being in good health, running a marathon, and suddenly I'm missing limbs and knowing my body will never, ever be the same again. And yet, maybe in a small way I can imagine it just a little and that is why I can hurt for them.

Because some sick, twisted, selfish, evil heart took. And killed. And hurt.

And I am afraid to say even that, because what if my family, my friends, my town is targeted next? This is America and this kind of fear is not acceptable.

I am not unlike anyone else. I have wondered what we should do differently. How we could prevent things like this from happening. But I am also not unlike anyone else, who, when we hear about tragedies such as this does not picture my own loved ones. When I close my eyes, all I see are the faces of three precious little boys behind my eyelids.

So no matter what we wish we could do, how much we wish it hadn't happened, it all boils down to the fact that there are hurting, grieving people. And once again, my prayers are with those I've never and will never meet. I hope that all of you are praying for them too.

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  1. Great thoughts, Kelley. I have been pondering for the past few days what I would do if it was me that got injured or a family/friend who got killed. The pain and heart ache, just day to day, would be so hard. I am also praying--for the ones who lost family and friends, and those who are survivors. They are all hurting so much. The Lord has really protected my family and I through a lot of thing! As someone who runs and has friends who run, I realize how easy it could have been to be one of us. I am thanking the Lord so much for safety, and praying that He will also give us strength for whatever comes next in our country.