February 2, 2017

things i love thursday

"Relying on God has to begin all over again everyday as if nothing had yet been done." ~C.S. Lewis

What a week this has been! The beginning of January must have been the calm before the storm, because the past couple of weeks have picked up speed and had us looking forward to having a "sit down" on an evening we don't have to get back up and rush off somewhere. It's all been enjoyable, though, so I thought it was time for some things I love Thursday!

church family
First and foremost and all of the time. It's just one of those things I know I take for granted way too often, and being the pastor's daughter I sometimes get a glimpse of behind-the-scenes stuff that I should appreciate so much more. Last night we had our monthly church-wide meal before services. This month my mom and sister and I were cooking (aka my mom cooked and Amie and I helped wrap things up). We eat at 6pm, and at 5:15 all of the electricity went off in our county. I was putting dessert plates out, my mom was cutting cake, Amie was in another room. We don't have a backup generator and it was completely silent and totally dark. We felt around for our phones, turned on the flashlight, and kept plugging on. Thankfully, my mom's a prepare-er and everything was pretty much already ready. The Hostess Committee began to trickle in with their phone flashlights and while some of us held them up the rest of us filled cups, set out dessert, washed up the few remaining dishes, and got everything ready. More church members and men began showing up with flashlights and torches and shining headlights in the glass doors of our very, very dark gym. At 10 til 6 everything was done, we had enough bobbing lights and a big spotlight shining on the ceiling to see, and we prayed and went through line. It was a sweet picture to me of how a body works - each person did a different job to make sure it all got done, even though we were all experiencing the same "handicap". The lights came back on at 6:30 and we were able to clean everything up, start church on time, and proceeded as normal!

But kind of only the home games. Our little church ball team has picked back up! We didn't have enough high school boys for a couple of years but this year they all got together and aren't too bad! We have another game tonight and they're always a lot of fun! With not a whole lot of "just-for-fun" things this time of the year, it's an enjoyable way to spend a winter evening.

the things kids say
"Miss Kelley, that's a pretty necklace, where did you get it?"
"To be honest [three year old] Mabel, I don't remember, but thank you."
"You are welcome."

"Lena Rae, while your brothers have a boy party [with about 20 of their friends they've been talking our ears off about] do you want to come play with me and A?"
"No, I want to go to the party."
"But you're a little girl."
"No, I want to go to the boy party, I'm a little boy."

"You're three, Lena Rae, you have to go to class."
"I want to go to the nursery, I'm two today."

"Ok, kids, someone tell me what your favorite part about tonight was."
"I wish we had played freeze tag! If we had played freeze tag, that would have been my favorite part!"

Sometimes it's alarming how quickly time passes. It's scary that we miss so many opportunities and I hate feeling like I can't keep up. Somehow though, I've been enjoying the passage of time this year. I have high hopes for 2017, and it feels like each new month brings a whole set of new possibilities.

my office
I got a new desk and rug and completely re-decorated! Yet another welcome and happy change. I just need to print some pictures and buy a fake plant or two (I've killed every real plant I've touched).

warm quilts | new books | Georgia cornbread | Dougy hugs (the definition of a bear hug) | Lena Rae dimples | the little boys' excitement | warm, sunny days | fresh air | group texts | my oil diffuser (I've even got one in my office! It makes the entire bottom floor smell like Thieves oil) | finally having short hair again | late night conversation with friends after church | planning ANOTHER baby shower - this time for Faith!!  | Wednesday night class - I love being a teacher's helper! | old pictures & videos - I've been so blessed to have grown up with the people I have!

back during our trip to Germany 5 years ago - the reason I started this blog!

I hope you all have a very lovely February! What are some things you're loving this Thursday?

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