June 2, 2015

may 2015 recap

Hello, everyone! It's been a minute, so while I sit here waiting for an email to come in, let me update you on what happened around here in May!

The beginning of the month we were in lower Alabama for a missions conference. Every year we try to eat at David's Catfish house - I highly recommend you try it if you're ever near one!

We then drove to another place in Alabama for decoration day. I don't love pictures of headstones or a cemetery, but this is where my dad's parents are buried. We will usually meet everyone at the cemetery, then go our separate ways for church. We then have lunch together with that side of our family.

After that, we jumped into summer with both feet! Swimming, bike riding, Jace's first piano recital, and my parents got our garden planted! I don't have pictures of Mother's Day, but we all got together at our house and Amie and I prepared lunch.

Summer is only getting started, but it's going to be as busy as ever with back to back camps and a new baby due very soon! If my posts become even more few and far between, it's just a side affect of the summer we're going to have.

some more of my favorite pictures from may:

Leaving It - sometimes, there's nothing more for us to do.

I hope everyone had a wonderful May, and that y'all will have a very happy June!

What were some of your favorite moments from May?


  1. Great recap! I always enjoy your pictures. The little girl is getting so big!!! Wow. My favorite part of May was my house tour I shot and shared on the blog, learning a skit with my first graders, trying new recipes and mothers day. The most monumental thing was putting my dog down. :(

  2. Hey Kelley, Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Sisterhood Award:

    Hope you join the fun! :)