August 20, 2013

Bel Meade Plantation

Another item to cross off my summer bucket list! Today my mom and I toured both the Belmont Mansion and the Bel Meade Plantation. We went to the Belmont Mansion first, and since we were the only two taking the tour and it was all indoors, taking pictures would have been a little awkward. The only one I have is this one where we were sitting in a gazebo waiting for the tour to begin.

We then headed to Bel Meade, which was my favorite because I knew more about it. I'm going back around Christmas, and I'm already excited, it was that much fun. :)

 I don't like pictures of just things, but I don't like standing beside something and just smiling, either - it's like awkwardness level 200. So I decided to make the pictures so awkward they weren't awkward - posing with the props like I lived or worked there. No pictures were allowed inside the mansion, so these were taken on the grounds and outbuildings surrounding it.

the slaves cabin
the dairy barn

the smokehouse
the garden shed
the pump

the carriage house
those horses wouldn't give me the time of day
Like I said, it was a really, really fun day! Bel Meade also has a cafe, and I think offer carriage rides, I want to ask about that. I love love love history, and this is my state, so it was a perfect day for me. :)

I asked questions on the tours, which made me feel awesome because I don't normally talk in public, but I did this time, mostly because the tour guide didn't cover something I wanted him to so I asked. At one point, he covered something about the former owners I knew and I wanted to say "Oh, I know! I know!" :) Always read about a place before you visit, it makes the experience 100 times better, I promise you!

Yay for Tennessee and yay for history! :)

Summer Bucket List: finish five books by only reading them outside; make homemade donuts; eat fruit every day; start running (again-ish); catch a jar full of lightening bugs with Jace and Jackson; have friends over for a cookout and games; buy a bike; go camping; buy colorful tennis shoes; journal every night; blog once a week; complete a DIY; play whiffle ball and win; take the boys to the park; go on a picnic at Defeated; go to the zoo;  go to Belmont Mansion or Bel Meade Plantation; decorate my corner of the office; get some hydrangeas; help clean up the pool area; make a dress with my mom


  1. Sooo nice Kelley. And what good memories. My mom & I went to Biltmore Mansion once all by ourselves. We stayed in a motel in Galtinburg. I love that memory. It gets sweeter every day.

    1. Thank you, Mrs. Janice! Don't you just love touring old mansions? Our family went to the Biltmore when I was 12 or 13, and I definitely want to go back! These homes were farmhouses, and the Biltmore was like a castle to me! :) I know I will love looking back on these pictures and memories one day.

  2. How fun?! I cannot wait to go in December with you :) By the way, very cute outfit!!

  3. I would love to go there...the only problem is I live in Australia:)

    1. haha Yeah, that's a little too far! There was a couple there from London, though, which was cool.