June 5, 2013

sunny and warm ♥ may recap

Here I am, once again doing my monthly recap and feeling like I should apologize for the lack of blogging that has been going on recently. I've just been enjoying a few weeks of free time, and since my blog isn't something I do to make money - it's just a fun way for me to share my life and keep my "long distance" friends and family informed - I think a few weeks (or almost a month, oops) off here and there are fun. I love blogging though, and I'm hoping I'll get myself around to putting some posts up soon-ish. (I will still do the things I mentioned in my "Boring Blog" post.)

May 1-4 were spent in Alabama at a missions conference at Ridge Road Baptist Church.

May 5 was a family reunion in Alabama. It was decoration day there, and that's where my dad's parents are buried. Every first Sunday in May, that side of the family goes to the cemetery, then to church, then to Uncle Henry and Aunt Misha's house for lunch. There are ten children and many, many cousins. My dad is the youngest of 10. The only pictures we got (the house was packed with people, it was difficult to get pictures that made any sense) were of the ten "kids". The picture of some of the grandchildren was taken last year at a park.

(2013) Ronnie, Billy, Mickey, Henry, Jr., Deanie, Marsha, Pam, Mert, Julie 
May 7 was our annual ladies meeting. I got to decorate for it and had a ton of fun! I didn't take any pictures during the meeting or fellowship, but here are the ones I took before I left to get ready.

This day was also my friend's 20th birthday. I didn't get to see her on the day because she was an hour away at college, but here are some pictures I have of us over the last three years. :) (We've been friends since birth, though :))

And then, there was rest. As far as I can remember, anyway. For a little while we had nothing planned, and we stayed close to home. There were trips to Sonic after church, lunch with friends, but nothing I took any pictures of.

May 24-25 was our annual Girls Only formal! It's usually just for teens, but 2 of us were still in teen class as 20 year olds (finishing out the year) so we were able to go, too! I didn't take any pictures, and I haven't seen all the ones that were taken yet, but I do have this one that's my favorite so far. We ate a fancy dinner, had our pictures taken, changed into pajamas, laughed and "ahhh"-ed our way through Loves Enduring Promise, went to bed, got up and ate breakfast and headed home! It was so much fun! We stayed in this really huge old house that is BEAUTIFUL.

Emily, Bekah, Julie, Kaci, me, Hannah, Sarah, Amy, Jessica, Delanie, Diana, Amie, Hannah, Grace, Lauren

May 26 was a Sunday, and for the evening service the little kids performed the "I Am a Promise" play. This is the third time the Children's Choir in our church has done this play - I was in the first one 8 years ago!! All of them were dressed as a different occupation, and after it was all over, my dad got those of us who had been in the previous plays up there to sing a song with them. It was really special.

2006 - Can you spot me? Up in the top left, beside Kaci. Amie's the chef!
Jace was a cowboy!

Jackson wants to be in Children's Choir so bad! He's going to be old enough this September, and he knows it! :) This is Mrs. Lucinda - the choir director. Even after all these years, all of us "older" ones still kept our eyes trained on her while we were up there. It's the rule! :)

May 27 - Memorial Day!! I hope everyone had a good one, we sure did! :)

May 30 we took a group of teenagers to my grandparent's home where Grandma fed us, and we sat around on the porch and sang. It was a nice, peaceful evening, and I think everyone wants to do it again!! :)

May 31 was Relay for Life, and the youth group sang. My camera died, so this is the only picture I have - we're getting ready to start.

And then it was June . . . wow. June already. This coming up Monday Youth Camp begins, Saturday the 15, Faith is headed to PNG for six months, the last week of June is Jr. Camp and VBS . . . summer and all it's craziness is upon us!

Happy June, everyone!


  1. Time sure flies...can't believe it's already June 2013!!!

    Love these posts. :) And you all look sp stunning and beautiful in the girls formal! :)


    1. Thank you, Iris! I can't believe June is here, everything is moving way too fast for me! We had so much fun at the formal - I think most girls like dressing up every now and then. :)