September 1, 2016

things i love thursday

Happy September 1! For some reason, this month feels like a chance at a fresh start. A clean slate, and an opportunity to change perspective, choose joy, and start the change of the seasons on a more positive note. There will still be more serious-toned posts peppered throughout this blog, probably even this month. I haven't arrived at the end of the rainbow yet, I'm just learning more about the journey to get there, and the growth along the way.

Since the first day of this month is on a Thursday, and since there's a feeling of excitement in the air due to our church's 25th anniversary celebration next week, I decided to throw it back to Things I Love Thursday because it's been a good week, friends, and I want to hold on to those happy vibes and give credit to the little things that have made it that way. (side note - that was an incredibly long sentence)

You know that moment when you get together with someone you haven't seen or talked to in ages and at first it's slow going but after awhile you start thinking, "Wow, why don't I talk to them all the time? This is amazing!" That's how I've been with books lately. Somehow I've scheduled my days in a way that I've found more free time in the afternoons, and in this nice mid 80's-low 90's weather, I could sit on the porch with a book for hours at a time. 
"I don't always find time to read, but when I do, I spend the next seven hours of my life doing just that."

I thought they were calling for rain, but there's barely been a cloud in the sky this week. The kids came over the other day and we swam for a couple of hours. Squeals and giggles and water up was an adventure, and it was wonderful. Afterwards we took a drive with the windows down and listened to Lena Rae chatter for 30 minutes. Summer is glorious, and we're in the days where the only way I know how to describe what we're doing is savoring it. Fall is right around the corner, so each of these hot, sunny days is spent trying to wring every last drop of "summer" out of them.

"Do you remember when..." "There was this one time..." and an hour later our bellies hurt from laughing, or our throats are sore from trying not to cry. My church will celebrate 25 years this coming week, and as we go through old pictures and listen to old songs, it's impossible not to miss those that are gone, and a time when we were a very small group of people, each one of us members of a family. It's grown a lot over the years, but it still feels like a family, our lives revolve around church and church events for the most part, and it just feels right to celebrate our beginning.

ice cream cones after church - me and Amie with a couple of our friends

baby kisses | warm breezes | ice cold soft drinks (because who drinks those in the winter?) |  buying luggage and purses, booking flights and hotel rooms (hmm...) | grilling | packages in the mail | windows down | secrets and surprises | Lena Rae saying "anybody is mine friend!" | baby showers | staying in touch with my friends who've moved away (we even enjoy group texting each other ;) ) | heart to heart conversation | Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, my favorite poet

baby Klay's book baby shower a few weeks ago

 And forever and forever,
   As long as the river flows,
As long as the heart has passions,
   As long as life has woes;

The moon and its broken reflection
   And its shadows shall appear,
As the symbol of love in heaven,
   And its wavering image here. 
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
(The ending of "The Bridge")

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