December 31, 2014

moments like these

Is anyone else as blown away as I am that this is our last day of 2014? I feel like I should have done something significant or monumental today to bid this incredible year farewell, but alas, it's been just like any other day, almost. Kind of. Is any day exactly like another?

It's moments like these that we all look ahead and make goals and resolutions while at the same time reflecting on the past year. And somehow, year after year, we forget the bad and highlight the happy things that happened and say "It's been a good year!"

But really, it has been, because it's a wonderful life! As a Christian, I have no reason to be depressed or anxious. It doesn't mean that I never feel those emotions, but that those emotions don't gain control over me because there's Someone bigger that already has control.

So as we look ahead and behind, I want to reflect on some of my favorite moments from 2014. Moments like these make life the incredible thing that it is.

no captions, just pictures capturing a moment in 2014 that I loved

Happy 2015, everyone!

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