May 11, 2014

mini recap | april pictures

April! Sunshine and open windows and trading our sweaters for short sleeves. Opening those closets and cabinets and SPRING CLEANING! I took it one day at a time and gutted my closet, bathroom, and dresser drawers. I still have a ton of things to get rid of, but I'm 98% there. Yay!

April was also the month of meetings here, meetings there, meetings everywhere! My dad preached all over Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama (not really though haha). We went with him as much as we could, and counting trying to keep halfway normal work schedules....well. Anyway.

I didn't take that many pictures, and the calender was too jumbled up to make anything out clearly, so this month is just a mini version of my normal recaps. You get pictures and maybe, maybe....maybe a short description on a few. We'll see. ;)

Girl's Night with Tara! Finally! :)

We had a cow die in April shortly after giving birth to this calf so we had to bottle feed it, and we still are. My brother decided to name him Benji, after Benjamin in the Bible whose mother died after having him, too. It's a cute little thing, and somehow I got roped into feeding it whenever my mom's too busy. It was rainy and cold when we first started, and my mom had to get that picture of me (those of you that know me know that this is quite an abnormal thing for me to do. However, this calf is cute and we have a good relationship. ;) ) The boys love him, and Jace has got to feed him, too. We're still going at it everyday at 7:00am and 7:00pm!

I got my hair cut! It doesn't look super duper different, but I got several inches cut off. It was sort of a sad day, but my hair was in really bad shape and it needed help. I've come to love it though - and just in time for this hot weather we've been having!

Easter Sunday:

Something's not right with this picture.... ;) My dad got a black eye just in time for Easter! I love these pictures because they make me laugh. The Wednesday before, my dad was playing basketball with one of the teen guys from church. His head hit my dad's face and a black eye was left behind...for a week at least - it's still a little discolored now! The whole side of his face was swollen, and I feel so sorry for the boy that did it - accidents happen, this one just left behind some obvious evidence!

...and that's all you get for April! ;) It's been so busy around here, and this is just all I've had time for (and it's gotten done over the course of a week - yikes!)

I hope you've had a good May so far, I'm looking forward to things calming down for a minute or two! I know all of you in school are excited about being out for the summer - May reminds me that new chapters are beginning every day. Happy Spring!!


  1. Love the pictures!
    The weather is great, and we got all of our spring and summer clothes out yesterday. YAY!

  2. GREAT family picture of you all in spite of your dad's black eye. At least he got it in a good way--spending time and investing in a teen's life! :)