September 5, 2013

calm before the storm ♥ august recap

Oh August, how kind to us you were. Cooler temps, a few rainy days, and a week or two with nothing to do but the normal. Rest before the crazy month of September attacked us with a roar!

August 1 we spent the evening at our county fair. Our church had a booth where we witnessed to people as they passed, and I believe the final count was 6 saved. What a blessing! Some of us teens/young adults went one night and ate fair food, walked the midway, ate funnel cakes and fried Oreos, free Popsicles, and rode 1 ride.

August 2 Jacob and Christine took the two older boys to the fair and we got to keep Tanner. It's rare that we have just one boy at a time, so it was a lot of fun and Tanner really enjoyed being the center of our attention.

August 4 they drove Amie and Leah up to Indianapolis and dropped them off for three weeks so they could attend Noteworthy, a music school at Verity Institute.

August 11 we had a farewell fellowship at our church to send off a family who has been with us since the beginning, but they have recently retired and are moving to VA to be near their parents.

CBC Charter Members

August 14 was my mom's 53rd birthday. I made a copycat recipe of Longhorn Steakhouse's Parmesan chicken, Outback's ranch dressing recipe for the salad, we cut up my mom's homemade bread, and Christine brought seasoned oven fries. For dessert she wanted ice cream, so we had 4 different flavors. 

August 20 my mom and I went to Belmont Mansion and Bel Meade Plantation. I loved it SO much and would go back right now if I could. We're planning to go sometime this Fall with my dad and Amie, and then when Faith gets back we're going to go for Christmas. It's beautiful.

August 23 we went to Amie's concert and brought her home. They sang a song she had written for one of her assignments, a Bible verse she put to music.

And except for a few other piddly things, that was our August. Relaxing and slow. We just finished our annual Labor Day meeting at church. Bro. Travis Alltop preached and did an amazing job. It was a wonderful meeting, and I wish it was still going on! Tonight we have a wedding rehearsal for Tom and Hannah, Amie's really good friend. The wedding is tomorrow night, and Saturday we have a cookout at my grandmas house. Next week we'll have 4 house guests for about 5 days, and then after that one week until our family vacation. September is full, but it's full of fun!

I hope everyone had a great August and is sliding into September and the upcoming new season very well! Thank you so much for reading. :)

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