March 5, 2013

Let me introduce to you...

...a blog. :)

Three boys from our church are leaving Friday, March 15, for Papua New Guinea. I do believe our church has an infatuation with PNG, this is the fourth time we've sent someone over there!

If you'd like to "keep up" with them, the blog is Papua New Guinea Missions Trip 2013. Hopefully we'll hear from them at least a few times while they're gone, because after all, they are boys. ;)

The ones going are Collin, Connor, and Drew - you'll get a little more information about the trip from their first post. If you were keeping up with my blog last August during our trip to Germany, then you've read a "guest post" by Drew and Collin - Connor is Collin's brother.

I hope you'll keep them in your prayers as they go on this 3-week journey!


  1. Three times? Patrick, then Faith and now these three guys. Funny! I do love how your church gives the young people so many opportunities to see the mission field!

    People "back home" get so many twisted opinions about how missions should work without even knowing what it's really about.

    1. I had forgotten that Patrick went! I guess it's four times, then - we sent a couple of men to help build a house a few years ago.

      Our church absolutely loves missionaries and anything involving missions. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with who's been where, but we love every bit of it!

  2. I'm so excited for them! It's rare to get an opportunity like this:) I'm so thankful our church loves missions!

    1. Me too! It's kind of like we've been to PNG through everyone else :)