January 25, 2013

Several Smiles...on Friday night

This day felt like a fail. I woke up with a 103.1 fever, I slept all day and could barely eat anything, and I missed my very first C-Stone game.

But, all bad things must come to an end! ;) I got to watch the last 30 minutes of an amazing, close, tense ballgame thanks to Skype and smart phones. We won!! I would have LOVED to be there, but considering I totally slept through the first half, it's a good thing I didn't go. :P

Here are some smiles:

That feeling after you take medicine, when you start sweating and you know your fever just broke. And also when your stomach growls :) Aleve, you are my friend. • Seeing/watching my friends tonight, being there with them thanks to modern technology • The technology fast our teen group just did - post on that to come • talking to Stephen on the phone for a long time this afternoon • the way both of my brothers make a point to say "I love you" before hanging up the phone (just talked to big brother #2 :)) • when Jackson just wants to sit in my lap • knowing my dad's bringing me home something cold and sweet to drink. Starts with a raspberry and ends with a tea. Eee!!! :) • the way my mom treats me like I'm 12 when I'm sick instead of 20. When I'm not living at home, and I get sick, I'm totally coming back here and laying on the couch :P (p.s. who else feels completely guilty when they're sick? Worst part about it!) • Being so close to my friends that I don't even care when they see me all nasty and sick (but there is a chance that they don't think that's such a good thing) • My nephews. I say it all the time, but they are the best little things ever • looking at old pictures • coloring (yes, in a coloring book. Don't judge.) • quotes, I just LOVE quotes!


  1. I'm glad you're feeling better :)

  2. Looking at the bright side of being sick! :D Glad you are feeling better!


    1. Thanks, Iris! Sometimes it's hard to find the bright side, but I'm glad I was able to this time! :)