March 9, 2018

two weeks a mrs.

(update: all wedding photos at this link: B+K Wedding)
I don't have all of our wedding pictures back yet, but our photographer sent me a few sneak-peeks just to tide me over until I do. They're lower quality because she had to reduce them to fit in an email, but I just had to share a couple on here as well as the link to the wedding video!

The wedding was such a wonderful day. It was sunny and 78 degrees which is unusual even for Tennessee. It was at 6:00 in the evening on Friday, February 23. The church was packed with people and we served donuts, fresh fruit with dip, and sausage balls at the reception along with water, sweet tea, and a coffee bar. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day! Everything went smoothly, no last minute glitches or confusion, and with only family and close friends as attendants/musicians/officiants, it was close and perfectly personal. Marriage is the sweetest thing, and in all my "waiting", I would happily wait another 10 years for this much happiness!


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  1. Hello Kelley thank you for posting your pictures.Mom and I was able to make it to the wedding and it was so pretty.It is good to see you so happy with the man of your dreams.Hope you had a safe and happy honeymoon.Love Amy