November 3, 2016

things i love thursday

Wouldn't life be much more lovely if we could learn to be continually grateful for the things we have instead of fretting over the things we don't?

Y'all, I'm cleaning out my drafts folder! There is no telling what I'll be posting on here in the coming weeks - or maybe I'll just delete them - either way, this was in my drafts from last week but I never finished my list! I'll start a fresh one in a minute, but I always like to ramble for a little while first. 

Do you ever go through a big "cleaning out"? I do! My sister-in-law told me I'm perpetually cleaning-out, but I just don't like stuff! If I haven't used/worn/looked at/read/touched it in awhile, why in the world is it still hanging out with me? Last week I went through my closet, packing away some summer stuff and mingling in my winter things. (This was a mistake since it was 86° yesterday and has been in the 80's all week.) I went through clothes, books, shoes, receipts, bills... I'm not an overly sentimental person, so when it comes to papers I have to go though, well, I don't really have any to go through. I'll keep cards for awhile, but I went through a big letter and card throw-away a few months ago so I was proud of myself for only having a tiny little stack of papers! (P.S. If you've ever sent me a card, I do keep it if you've written something on it. I just don't keep it forever :/)

Then I got on my laptop and noticed I had lots of emails stacked up so I hit the "select all" and then "delete forever" and whoosh! They were gone! (minus my personal email where I save all y'all's comments) I then went to my texts and remembered I'd also deleted all of them a few weeks ago - I don't know why all of this is so satisfying for me, but apparently it's so satisfying that I wanted to tell you about it!

Anyway! Do you wanna know some things I love Thursday? Here we (finally) go...

squeaky clean windows |  Bananagrams | organizing (see above ;)) | new towels | candles | Amazon Prime | coffee in the mornings (it really does help! I get why everyone drinks it now - it's 6:15am and I'm already going strong - talk to my mom if you think this is normal for me) try it with half heavy whipping cream/half pumpkin spice creamer. Mmm | tea parties with Lena Rae-Rae | OUR CHRISTMAS CARD IS DESIGNED & ORDERED AND MY POEM IS WRITTEN! hallelujah | Thanksgiving plans ( | Darlene Rose's testimony (she spoke at our church years and years ago and I listened to the 2-hour long recording again recently. I cried for the whole 2 hours, but then again, I cry over everything) | maple trees (I can only ever identify trees in the fall, and even then only maple) | frosted lemonade (see 86°) | cooking | windows open all day every dayall things Missions Conference! (this makes me more excited than anything else)

notice the pinky raise ;) just on the wrong hand!

A friend sent me this recently. I've had this poem memorized since 8th grade, and it's still a favorite. It was actually the first one I ever memorized, and the only one ever required. It sparked my love for good poetry. This is a beautiful recitation, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do...

 There are some things in life never to be revisited, and that's ok.

I hope you're having the loveliest Fall! (I read somewhere that in the U.K. they say Autumn because of the French word "Automne" and later the Latin "Autumnus", but in the U.S. we call it Fall because "leaves fall down" ;) ) I'd love to hear some things you're loving this Thursday...or Friday or Saturday, whenever you read this!


  1. This Thursday morning I am loving the small bit of chilliness in the air! (Sweater weather is coming!!!), your blog, Ethiopian coffee, mugs, and Thanksgiving preparations! :)

    1. Yay! It was 60 degrees on my way to work and I was shivering! haha

  2. Your 'Autumn' is 86 degrees? Wow. Funny how children do funny things sometimes in their attempts to be 'grown up', and while we may laugh, it is the road to maturing which we are all taking (in reference to the tea party photo). That's a neat poem, sometimes it would be nice to try and take both roads... but that is impossible! Apparently God designed life in such a way that we can only be in one place on one 'life path' at a time! :)

    1. According to the calendar we're in Autumn, but it's actually an Indian Summer. ;)

      God may only allow us to take one path at a time, but we get to choose that path! I love that poem - and it wasn't even written to be taken seriously. It's been published for exactly 100 years!

  3. I love listening to instrumentals while working on a lesson....I love driving down a beautiful fall country road with the windows down.... I love to be prepared.... I love a steamy hot cup of coffee(with creamer of course) on a chilly morning.... I love getting lost in a craft, book or anything, just so I get lost for a little while :) .... I love my Saviour most of all because He loves me when I'm not very lovable!!!

  4. A week later Thursday...

    these chilly mornings we've been having (at least in KPT) | coffee | walking in the park with my mom-in-law | Panera Bread souffl├ęs | Hobby-Lobby | quilting lessons | making Christmas crafts | all the fall candles! | yoghurt parfaits ... basically my Thursday up to this point ;)