November 14, 2015

strength for today, bright hope for tomorrow

There is peace in the center of God's will.

There is no fear in the middle of God's protection.

There is heartache in this temperal world. What happened in Paris could have happened here. We have no promise that our city, our town, our community, is exempt from terrorist attacks.

It is evil. It is wrong. It is terrifying.

It is the world we live in. It's depressing and it's dark.

There will one day be peace and total security.

Until then, remember that life is a vapor. A regular day spent with family could very well end in a horrible way. Remember it could have been any of us, and never forget to pray.

Today we need strength to face what possibly lies ahead, strength to take in what is happening in our world.

Tomorrow we have hope for a bright eternity where none of this will even be a memory.

In the middle of my comfortable, happy life, I couldn't not acknowledge all the hurting people right now. Please pray with me for them. Even more than they need comfort for their loss, they need Jesus for their future.

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