August 31, 2015

august 2015 recap

It's hard to believe August is over. It's gone by so quickly. It's funny to me how sometimes something that happened at the beginning of the month can feel like years ago, and sometimes it feels like only yesterday.

At the beginning of August we took a quick trip away for some very much needed rest. We were only gone about four days, but it was just what we needed.

If you've never been to the Biltmore, I highly recommend it. This was my second trip, and I'm trying to talk some friends into going at Christmas time. :)

We did some hiking and "nature viewing".

The entire family got together for my mom's birthday. It was a combination of her birthday and eating the fourth of July food we'd had to put in the freezer since no one was around for that holiday. It was a week early, so on her actual birthday I made a supper that catered more towards her favorites. :) (salmon, avocado salsa, roasted carrots...I've posted the recipe, and each time I've made it we wonder why we don't eat it once a week. ;) )

Anyway, when the entire family gathered, we simply grilled out, Mama made an ice cream and peaches recipe from the Biltmore Cookbook, and we enjoyed a relaxing evening....inside, because the bugs were insane.

It was a blessedly un-busy month comparatively speaking. It began cooling off a little bit, but I think we're having an Indian Summer because it's getting hot again.

I hate to see summer end. School has started back, life is returning to a scheduled pace, and while I enjoy the structure to my days, there isn't as much room for spontaneity. August was a nice farewell to summer festivities, and I'm excited to see what Autumn holds. The full calendar in front of me says it will be anything but dull!

Have a lovely evening, readers. You will hear from me soon.



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