April 20, 2015

summer bucket list | 2015

Two years ago I made a summer bucket list and shared it with y'all. I didn't accomplish much on it, but I had a lot of fun referencing it and crossing things off when I had spare time. This summer I've decided to do that again, especially since I've already started it and have been really good at keeping up with it so far. It's a bit more practical and hopefully by mid October (hallelujah for long southern summers!) everything will be crossed off. It's not quite summer yet, and we're getting our daily dose of April Showers, but I've always been a plan ahead kind of person, so I enjoyed putting this list together early!

cook 2+ meals per month
I know, I'm 22 and this number should probably be much bigger - that's why the plus symbol is there. My mom really loves to cook, and meal time still naturally falls under her category. However, she also loves when we cook for her, and lately I've really started enjoying it. I've been putting my Pinterest boards to work, so if you want to see some of the recipes I've decided are good enough to make again, take a look at my Tried & True board. There's not much on there yet, but hopefully it'll be full soon!

try new recipes
This goes along with the one above. I really like trying my hand at something new - and who wants their cooking to be compared to "how Mama does it" every time they make something anyway? I will still learn some of our favorite dishes, but for now, the newer, the weirder, the more flavorful, the healthier (this is a BIG one for us this summer), the better!

 make weekly breakfast & dessert for Sunday
Who else comes home after church and has a lovely family Sunday dinner? We do, every week. We don't eat out on Sundays, and 75% of the time we eat with Jacob and his family. Usually it's at our house, but sometimes it's at theirs. My mom has really mastered the art of having a large, delicious meal on Sunday afternoon without anyone ever having to wait more than about 10 - 15 minutes before we ask the blessing. My goal is to contribute to the meal by making dessert every Saturday. It has to be either a brand new recipe, or a traditional southern dessert that I need to learn to make because I need to know those things. I'm also committing to making breakfast for Sunday ahead of time on Saturday as well. We have one family breakfast every week - Saturday morning biscuits and gravy brunch. During the week my dad leaves before Amie and I are up and we all eat pretty light in the mornings. Sunday is free-for-all, and we try to have muffins or some kind of bread sitting out and easy to grab. My job now!

(that was my last cooking item, I promise!)

learn to sew clothes
I know how to make a quilt (kind of), and an apron, and a bag, and other things like that, but I want to learn to make clothes - modest dresses (with sleeves), in particular. As part of purging my wardrobe and getting started on creating a capsule closet, I discovered I needed/wanted about 3 summer dresses that were a cross between dressy and casual - perfect for summer - and didn't require layering. (Having to wear a cardigan on a 100 degree, humid day kind of defeats the purpose of wearing a dress in the first place.) So far I have two new homemade summer dresses, and another in the making. I've been ironing the seams while my mom explains the process. I've made dresses and skirts before, but this time I want to really get it engrained in my mind. By the end of summer, my goal is to make a dress on my own - for my sister, which is a little weird, but I want to know how to tailor it well, and it's easier to practice on someone else than on yourself.

have a cookout with friends
It looks like this one will probably happen mid to late August, but I really, really want it to happen. Down here where I live, hospitality is bred in us, and the desire to entertain, host, and visit with good friends is close to my heart. Summer is very busy around here with church related things and family centered holidays, but at least once before it gets chilly again I want to have a bunch of people over for food and fun. Some of my friends are married now, and some of them are in relationships, so the bigger the group the better!

take a trip
Anywhere, with anyone. It has to be non-church related (as in, not a special meeting or camp). It has to be fun. And it has to take up an entire day. Or two. Or week.

have a yard sale
Sooner rather than later. I am a sentimental baby when it comes to letting go of things. I only recently got rid of a whole bunch of socks because having an entire toy chest full of socks I rarely wear is just ridiculous. (It was only 3/4 full, ok?) I am naturally cold natured and my feet are always freezing so I still have a ton of socks, but it was just getting silly. I had formed some strange sentimental attachments and could tell you where each pair came from. I once had a friend tell me she was going to always give me socks for presents because she knew I would love them and keep them forever. Luckily she gave quality pairs, so when it came time to purge, they stayed with me. ;) This is the year though that I realize that I'm 22 and even though that shirt I loved when I was 16 still fits, it's time to let go.

Seven things for a Summer Bucket List. It seems reasonable, attainable, and, well...perfect! I will blog along the way - be on the lookout for those recipe posts! This evening's supper will be up this weekend!

Is it getting warm where you live? 
What's on your bucket list for this summer?


  1. These sound like fun and doable goals! ☺ My summerbreak isn't till end of July....so I don't quite feel like making a summer bucket list just yet!

    Oh, and you are more than welcome to travel to Germany.....I would say longer than 1-3 days though. :P

    The Blue Birdhouse

    1. Summer break here starts around the end of May, but it's been so warm here I couldn't help myself. ;)

      I would LOVE to come back to Germany! Our summer is pretty packed this year so I didn't make my goal for a long trip, but hopefully one of these days I'll get back over there! :)