November 17, 2014

an update

When it rains, it seems the world takes on a somber hue.
My soul is hushed, I lift my pen, and write a song for you.
-Robin Jones Gunn

First of all, my apologies to those faithful readers who keep on checking this blog even though it's been nearly two months since I've updated it. Trust me, I'm more sad about it than you are!

I follow blogs that put me to shame - people who have full time jobs, families, etc., and still manage to keep up a two to three post per week schedule. I've accepted that when it comes to weekly or monthly recaps, I'm a failure. I do pretty good for a little while but then other things take priority and I eventually forget all about it.

The poem above has always been a favorite of mine, because I simply find it very difficult to focus on writing when my mind is full of life's happenings and things I have to get done. The end of this summer and all of fall has been crazy at our house. With construction and meetings and people coming over, writing just didn't happen. My soul wasn't hushed, my mind was chaos. And so, this blog was pushed so far to the back burner it was washed and put away.

But I want to break it out again. Our missions conference is in three weeks. Between now and then, here is my to-do list:

design, edit, print, fold, and mail the newsletter for December
design, edit, print, and put together missionary booklets
all of the above preparation for "passports" for the children at missions conference
3 different Thanksgiving celebrations
2 houses to help decorate for Christmas
a house to help finish "moving in" to
book hotel rooms for a quick trip to Pigeon Forge
pillow cases to sew
a map to put on canvases
Write the annual Christmas poem for the cards we send out
Christmas shoping

That isn't even all, but even if it were complete, it is barely a fourth of what most of you have going on! I'm determined to schedule time for this blog because I know I can, because I love this space on the web, and because I love sharing things with people. I love that my blog isn't tied down to one category, that I can share just pictures, a recipe, or something I've written from deep in my heart, and it all "fits" on here. I'll try my best to make it a little more of a priority! Pretty soon, I will "write a song for you".

Quick update...

Our house is nearly complete! We've entered the stage that's half frustrating, half fun - moving back in and decorating! Fun because we're making it home again, frustrating because there's more room for some things, but hard sometimes to find good spots for the old decor. When it's finished, I will put pictures on here, but for now, I still need a little more time!

My nephews and niece are doing well. Lena Rae has entered a very fun stage - trying to stand and copy our words, Tanner still turns my heart into a puddle, Jackson is still our quiet, studious boy, and Jace's head reaches my waist and he's started school!

It snowed this morning, and I loved it. I've had a bad, grumpy attitude about winter. Brrrr.....give me 90 degrees any day! But snow, along with rain, brings that "hush" I was talking about earlier. It rained all day yesterday, and we had fluffy snowflakes falling this morning. The festive spirit has entered me and I'm just biding my time until Thanksgiving when we pull out all the Christmas stuff!!

Today was spent breaking out the Missions Conference files and getting ready for that. It will consume the next three weeks of my life but I LOVE it! Tonight is the first basketball game of the season, and right after the game is our weekly Bible Foundations class...which I still have to study for! Winter activities are here, and the rain and snow were just exactly what my soul needed to get in the mood!

I hope each of you has had a wonderful beginning to this season, and I'll see you soon! Thank you for staying with me. :)


  1. Sounds like you've been busy. lol Been feeling the same way....and all the holidays coming up won't slow it down.


    1. I know! It's a bit overwhelming, but still my favorite time of the year! :)

  2. It's good to "see" you again!!! I love keeping up with the goings on down there in TN. I feel the same way about a snowfall. I can't wait to dig out my Christmas decor as well!!! We've had a total of four inches so far and the drifts have been close to a foot deep on our road already! We will probably get snowed in this year. Last year our road drifted in about four feet!! The snowplows couldn't even clear it out! Thankfully we have an alternate way to town although it's a longer route. Christmas is right around the corner! Hard to believe! We are so looking forward to the missions conference!!!! It's going to be so good seeing everyone again! Won't be long now!