April 1, 2014

rainy, busy, cold | march recap

March found us begrudgingly pulling on our boots once again while the temperatures dropped, it rained, and even snowed. It was such a whirlwind month, so I'll just recap a few of the highlights...

March 1 was Christine's birthday! We celebrated and had pie and presents but took no pictures. Here's one of my favorites from our trip to Arizona last September though:

March 6 was Jackson's 4th birthday. This little boy has saved everything for turning four. "When I'm four I can ride that bike." "I can do that when I'm four." This birthday was a momentous occasion! :)We did some shopping that day, and he gave Lena Rae her bottle while I pushed the buggy. It took a little finagling to fit it all, but we made it work! He was so excited to be able to help in this way. :)
(Update: Yesterday, March 31, Jackson mastered riding his bike with no help!)

March 8 the children in our church participated in the Masters Club Regional Competition and came home with many ribbons and awards. They were so excited and had been practicing for months. We're all a little proud of them! :)

March 9 - 12 was our annual Spring Meeting. Bro. Roger Hoots came up to preach and we had a wonderful meeting. His sermons were all about trusting in the Lord, and I believe it was exactly what we all needed. He stayed another 2 days to teach at a Pastor's School Cornerstone hosts. He and my dad taught several different classes for two days, and several pastors from surrounding areas and states came in for it. It's always a blessing to see so many pastors in one place!

March 16 - 20 my parents were out of town so Faith and Grace spent the night with us Sunday after church. We were going to have an Anne of Green Gables marathon but only barely made it through the first one! Maybe we'll finish it another time...
This is the only picture we took, and of course we were being silly. ;)

March 16, St. Patrick's Day. We don't celebrate it, but the boys thought it was so much fun to wear green and pinch anyone who wasn't ("but only once!"). The called it Green Day. :)

March 25 we had our first Girls Night with Lena Rae! We did a little shopping and went out to eat and got Starbucks on the way home. We had a lot of fun, and the older she gets, the more fun it will be!

March 29 Stephen and Tara flew in for a few days to look at some houses, and we met them for supper at Cracker Barrel. They're down to double digits until they move back and we cannot wait!!

Lena Rae meeting her Uncle Steedee for the first time :)

...and today is April Fools. I've only ever successfully pulled off jokes on this day twice, and I think I'm taking this year off. Let me know if you pranked or got pranked in the comments, I'm not opposed to pulling off a good joke every now and then! ;)

Before I end this blog, I want to make a complete about-face and get serious for just a second. This morning on my way to work I was listening to one of our church's special music CD's. The song One Day All The Soldiers Will Go Home started playing and I couldn't help but think of all our missionaries scattered around the world. They're away from their closest friends and family and I would love to have just an ounce of their faith. So many of them suffer in these hard or third world countries, and we might remember to pray for them once a day. Right now, please just take a very serious few minutes to pray fervently for them. For strength, for increased faith, for laborers to help them, for the nearly tangible presence of God in their day-to-day lives, for safety, for health....pray for them all the things you would wish they would pray for you were the roles reversed. Please pray especially for the Cormier family as they face a very difficult time in their lives right now: Joy Unspeakable

Have a lovely April, dear readers!

(If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?)


  1. Looks likes March was a family month. ☺ On that last picture of Lena you can totally see she is Ralph. All the kids have the same eyes...I think. ☺

    I have been thinking and praying a lot for the missionaries....especially that the Lord would bless them with workers & pillars in their ministry. I know every Pastor needs those kind of people in the church.


    1. It was so nice to spend a little extra time with our family this month. :) Jace has brown/green eyes, while the younger three have blue eyes, but they do all look very similar! Jace takes after Christine while Jackson is the spitting image of Jacob. Tanner and Lena are a good mix of both and we can't settle on who they look more like. :) The older my siblings and I get the more we look like each though, so I guess they'll always look very much alike! :)

      I am so awed by so many missionaries and the things they face with such grace and faith. As a pastor's daughter, I see how vitally important loyal helpers are, and I pray no one would ignore God's calling.

  2. Pilgrims, of course! (Andy and I were talking about that one just yesterday. He said he wore that joke out when he was little. I'd never heard it before that. ;)

    1. Yes! I used to love that joke when I was little, and I told it to everyone yesterday! haha

  3. That joke is funny. Lena is sooo pretty! Yesterday, I gasped when I shut a window and said "The window just broke when I shut it. Just kidding!". Noah said "You mean April fools!". I forgot to say April fools and said just kidding instead! lol

    1. Aw, thanks! I think she's kind of pretty myself! ;)

      haha The first successful April Fools I pulled, I called my dad and brothers and told them I had a wreck because it was only a few month after I got my license. The next year, I told them I let Amie drive home (she was 15, I was 17) and she hit a mailbox. I got them both times!! I have to do it over the phone because I can't keep a straight face long enough to pull it off. :P

  4. May flowers bring HONEY BEES :-)

  5. That's the only thing I dislike about spring. BUGS! (Like mosquitoes and wasps). :-o

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  7. Thank you so much, Kelly. April showers bring May flowers. (It is raining here too) May flowers = joy in the morning. I needed that last little line you wrote.

  8. So fun, Kelley! :) and a great reminder at the end of your post!!