December 31, 2013


As I sit here trying to think of a post that doesn't sound full of excuses for lack of content, something that doesn't sound over the top with cliches about what a wonderful year this has been, I think about all the things that have happened this year. On December 31 of every year, we all review the past twelve months. The good, the bad, the difficult, the emotional, and every year I say "I learned so much" and "It was an amazing year".

The secrets of life are hidden behind the word "cliche". No one likes to use them because they're overused and just so, well...cliche. Things like "never give up", "just believe in yourself", etc... And so as I joyfully welcome in the new year, I'm going to be cliche. Because you know what? It's a wonderful life, and I don't care how many people have already said it!

My Cliche 2013...

A year of difficult changes.

A year of learning to be alone, and "on my own" more than I ever have been before.

A year of making new-ish friends.

A year of stretching myself.

A year of growing up.

A year of realizing just how small we are.

A year of contemplation. 

A year of smiles.

A year of even more tears.

A year of beautiful changes.

A year of stepping outside my comfort zone, inch by little inch.

A year of finding a peace that can only come from God.

A year of getting comfortable in my new shoes.

A year that went by way too fast.

This year was wonderful. It was incredible. I missed people. I cried a lot of tears. But I learned. I got tired of being alone and sought out friendship from people willing to give it, I just hadn't looked before. It was amazing. 

As I went through changes, I was afraid. No one enjoys the unknown bleakness of the future. But as I stepped into it, I realized that God is already there. I'm always nervous entering a new year because we don't know what it holds for us, but as I listen to the fireworks going off outside, I know... He's already here, too. The unchangeable. The steady. My rock and comfort.

2013 was a wonderful year. It's a wonderful life. May each of us resolve to make 2014 even better.

Happy new year, dear readers! :)

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